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Our outlook for 2022 in Luxembourg

Despite the pandemic, organisations are still recruiting in Luxembourg. The unemployment rate is below the European average and the country depends on cross-border workers from France, Belgium and Germany. 

With continued focus on cost reduction and cost optimisation, the demand for credit analysts will increase. Risk specialists will be highly sought after as well, because organisations want to improve their cash flow and be prepared for the future. Within the financial services sector, focus will mainly be on recruiting specialists in digitalisation and automation.

Headcount in some departments may have decreased in the past year, which has put extra pressure on people. A flexible and hands-on management style will be of high importance in these circumstances. Showing confidence in the organisation and your team will help hiring managers to retain and attract talent.

We do not expect salaries to rise in 2021. However, offering additional learning and development opportunities, flexible working hours or putting in place a mental health programme can be an excellent alternative to reward employees.

Rob Vermaak
Regional Managing Director Benelux & Germany 

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