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Why not to accept a counter-offer

You’ve made up your mind, accepted a position elsewhere, and tendered your resignation to your boss. Then, out of nowhere, you receive a counter-offer tempting you to stay at your current company.

Six tips to master Skype interviews

Hiring managers from the world's leading businesses continue to stress how important it is for candidates to perform well during a virtual interview, and share the same key tips to getting it right.

Researching companies

One of the most common mistakes in an interview is to carry out insufficient research on those you are meeting with.

Refer a friend

For one successful referral you will receive the new Apple iPad.

Negotiating your salary

The key to negotiating your salary is gathering as much information as possible before negotiation begins.

Make your resume stand out

We read so many resumes at Robert Walters that we’ve become experts on how to spot the cream of the crop.

Interview advice

Preparation is the first essential step towards conducting a successful interview. The better prepared you are, the more confident you'll be.

Four tips for second interviews

Having passed your initial interview, the second interview is more serious. The key thing is to be well prepared, alert and ready to talk about yourself and what you could bring to the company.

Five common interview mistakes to avoid

Being called for an interview means you’re one step closer to your next career move. But you’re not quite there yet. Make sure you avoid the five mistakes job seekers commonly make.